Thoughts on digital architecture

We’ve been developing architectural projects for over ten years.

We’re like all architects: we ask a lot of our digital tools by daring too much and hoping: often realizing that the tool isn’t suitable for what we want to do, or that it prevents us from leveraging its full capabilities because of it’s complexity.

The complexity of such tools can not only render them daunting but worse – they can make us forget the essence of the idea that we want to express, sidelining us into the meanders of 3D standards: default lighting, default rendering, dull camera movements…

What seems to us primordial in virtual design;

That is, it’s not very…


We felt it was important for us to be able to communicate our most wild ideas with the greatest simplicity, but it was a mistake to believe that 3D design studios would give us an easier life.

So, several years ago, we decided to fill in what we felt was missing from those software dedicated to 3D design and architectural communication, and gave birth to Twinmotion.

But a tool is worth nothing if it stays just theoretic, and it’s on projects with agencies like Zaha Hadid Architects, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Agence Tabanlioglu and Aéroports de Paris that Twinmotion has proved itself.

YouTube Preview Image

The result exceeded our hopes: we held a tool which not only saved us precious time on every project but also allowed us to express ourselves better, more easily, more naturally.

Pushed by our partners, we decided to continue the development which gave us Twinmotion®2, a tool which we hope is going to make the lives of many architects much easier.

Twinmotion®2 has numerous advantages, it would be difficult to describe them all here in just a few words, but you will be able to learn more about them if you come back regularly to this blog, and to the site which will accompany the launch of Twinmotion®2.

We have created some video “snapshots” which will help you to quickly understand the potential of the tool. Every one of these videos offers an insight into a specific aspect of Twinmotion®2 and the possibilities that it presents.

Stay tuned to learn more, I’ll be back soon.

Raphaël Pierrat, Architect – CEO Twinmotion

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45 Responses to Environment

  1. pixelovr says:

    I can’t believe it is realtime ! Sounds really awesome !

  2. Jay says:

    great job, cool site! when can we expect the demo then?

    • ka-ra says:

      Hi Jay,

      You will have to hang on thight until the launch of TM in october!
      You’ll have a lot of videos and info to make it worth your wait :)

  3. Ouah, les rendus sont à couper le souffle, quand on penses que c’est du temps réel ! chapeau !!! bonne continuation !

  4. mayamaxx says:

    I’m impressed by the wireframe view … it seems to be very powerful, & looks good.

  5. tankovitch says:

    It looks good so far, what program did you use to do the mesh?

  6. Bruce C. says:

    If it is truly in realtime, I have the feeling that this software could change the way architects work!

  7. Dark Knight says:

    It looks promising so far, what program did you use to do the mesh?

  8. Rodger says:

    Neat stuff! Is the model generated in your programm or in another?

  9. ClapTrap says:

    Very interesting concept… But Twinmotion is just for realtime architecture? Or can you make some other things in realtime?

    • ka-ra says:

      We conceived Twinmotion to handle any kind of project in the construction field, city planning, landscaping etc.

      However, you can use it to showcase your vision of a real or imaginary world.

  10. Foster4ever says:

    Really nice job.How heavy is the scene?

  11. Metzer says:

    I see you can export a stand-Alone in your video…What is it?

  12. Angus says:

    Wow really neat render! the moving shadows are impressive!

  13. Mombasa says:

    Really beautiful,especially the picture where there are no texture.Is this a special mode?

  14. Longshakes says:

    Amazing! the sun is so real!

  15. Pixero says:

    Will there be any web publication like with for example Unity? Interactive, not movie.

    • ka-ra says:

      No, Twinmotion is conceived for big and complex scenes in high definition. The web publication would have forced us to diminish the overall quality.

  16. PXLNTWRK says:

    great job, waiting next demo….

  17. Dec13els says:

    Vraiment très impressionnant !

    Un futur must pour la visualisation architecturale ?

    J’ai hâte de pouvoir tester la démo :)

  18. Song Li says:

    Amazing tool! Wish it can support more formats,especially the skp format!
    If possible,could you develop language packs for users from different countries?
    I’m a Chinese architect,and have experience of translating foreign software,I can provide voluntary help about translation for you if you wish!I believe there is a large potential market in China!
    Looking forward to the birth of Twinmotion2!

  19. Adil says:

    j’aime bien

  20. Kat says:

    LightWave3D support please!

  21. Dume says:


    What kind of files will your jewel import ?
    DWG? FVT? OBJ? 3DM?
    Do you plan to launch an viewer only to help salesmen to use it (make an interactive walk through buildings)?

    I can’t wait!

    • Dume says:

      sorry, was RVT (Revit)

    • ka-ra says:

      thank you Dume,

      To fit an existing work pipeline is essential for us, as Twinmotion was conceived with several very big architect offices. The import plug-ins took over two years to have the most optimised presets. You will have soon the full list.

      Yes it is possible to export your project as a stand alone interactive model, and share it freely.

  22. I love this man. Totally love it. Can you render out to HD – 1080 video and 720? 24fps, 30fps, 60fps, slow motion?

  23. Ahmed Fathi says:

    Really impressive!!! … and if it is as easy as it seems then this will definitely be the next big thing in Arch. Viz. … but pleas consider making it REALLY easy to use older files etc.., how about support for other different shaders like V-Ray & Mental Ray ones, will that be even possible, nonetheless, Can’t wait to try it!

  24. Duke Long says:

    Would love to feature you on my blog. Interested

  25. Marcio says:

    I got so many questions after watch those videos that I don’t even know where to start.

    I read that can read Max geometry files, GREAT, but what about cameras and animations imported from max? Materials, etc etc?

    What kind of computer do we need to run it?

    If you are interest to translate for Portuguese from Brazil just let me know.

    • ka-ra says:

      Everything is imported from max.

      The recommended configuration will be revealed soon! Probably on our twitter feed first.

      Thank you for the offer!

  26. …and i forgot to request: lightwave 3d support ;) merci.

  27. Jershaun says:

    Hi ka-ra

    This looks like a very promising project.

    I use Vectorworks and Cinema 4D and I don’t believe in using AutoDesk products. Will I be able to use Twinmotion?



    • ka-ra says:


      Yes from Vectorworks or Cinema 4D, you can use one of the compatible file formats available to import into Twinmotion.
      You will not need to break your workflow!

  28. unfear says:

    Interface it’s like the Blender?

  29. Rick says:

    very very impressive,,,my only concern is will it need some serious PC horsepower to generate a fluid work environnement???


  30. Jershaun says:

    Thanks ka-ra

    Now I really want to see this software in action.
    I hope you think about the poor guys like me and keep the price realistic :)


  31. BerTiN says:

    Omagade, foquinaile !

    Votre truc est impressionnant de promesses ! En tant qu’Infographiste dans une boite d’architecture, je rêve de ça, vous l’avez fait !

    Quand sera t’il dispo ? arrg, je vais plus dormir, c’est malin, je vais vous faire un procès ! xD

    Plus sérieusement, en tant que GNU, ce logiciel sera libre ?