Twinmotion Contest

Now without further ado: the Winners !

The first Twinmotion contest is over and this is the moment you all have been waiting for: the announcement of the winners!

Let me first say this was no easy task for the jury, taking into account so many renders, the quality of the architectural project as much as the aesthetics of the renders. We would like to thank them all for their time, input and support. Also, a very warm thank you for our partners Dell, Nvidia, ATI for the incredible prices and our media partners for their coverage making the contest such a success.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the contestants for their entries; we sincerely hope that you enjoyed working with Twinmotion as much as we enjoyed looking at your work.

Now without further ado: the Winners !

Resume of the contest

Thinking, design, fantasy, fun … There are many words to express creativity. We have designed this event as a gathering of artists, architects, urban planners, designers and broadly speaking, those who around the world create to share ideas, emotions. From the most spectacular to the minimalist projects, from the intellectual ones to the formal ones, what is important is to create an emotion, a shiver. Let your imagination free, let it extend and in turn let it generate new forms of thought, design, fantasy and fun.

Be critical, courageous and rebellious ! Good luck to all.

Raphaël Pierrat


How to participate ?

This first Twinmotion Contest is open to all without distinction.

Duration: The challenge takes place from March 18 at to April 18 2011April 28 2011.

To participate, send an email to formatted as follows:

Project Title:
First Name:
Current occupation:
City, Country:
Full Adress (confidential but necessary to receive your prize) :

Then, confirm your participation in the competition as follows:

1- register or login if you already have an account on the official Twinmotion forum at:

2 - Create a post in the W.I.P part of the Contest forum formatted as follows:

[First Name Name] Project Title
ex : [Robert White] A New Life

This first post will be your personal era during the contest. You will be showing the successive stages of your project. This post will be accessible to all forum members, contestants and judges. Its aim is to follow the progress of the project.
You can post reviews, screenshots or explain your working methods.

3 – Once our team check that you have fulfilled the previous steps (e-mail sent and creation of your WIP forum post) you’ll be officially entered in the list of contest participants.

Twinmotion Update:

To receive the latest available features of Twinmotion, we recommend that you download the latest trial version by clicking this link: Twinmotion 2.3.
If you already have a full or education version of Twinmotion, you have already received a newsletter to update your version, if it is not the case, thank you for contacting us at:

If your Twinmotion trial license expires soon:

To use Twinmotion during the whole duration of the competition, we offer a special license to be active from the 18.03.2011 to the 18.04.2011. You can download it by clicking the following link: twinmotion2.lic

Installing the license (twinmotion2.lic):

To specify the license to use, copy twinmotion2.lic in the main installation directory Twinmotion (by default C: \ Program Files \ Twinmotion2 \) and overwrite the old license file.
You can now use Twinmotion for the contest period.

Our Partners

Press Partners



The theme of this first contest is designing an observation center, in an urban or natural setting difficult to inhabit by man. Exploring, opening to change, and seeing beyond the conventions are values that create true meaning. Hostile or aggressive environments to humans may be the only settings capable of bringing out new things because of the extreme climatic or contextual conditions either by the geography of the chosen site.

Architectural limits

The building to design is an observation center in an urban or natural setting difficult to inhabit by men. You must choose between urban and natural setting. Then choose your host site.

Here are for example 4 eligible sites:

The aim of the building is to house and protect from the constraints of the host environment. The building size will depend on the size of the team that you will welcome. In this competition you can choose between 3 sizes of capacity.

Small capacity: 5 people and their resources for a period of 3 months.
Average capacity: 100 people and their resources for a period of 6 months.
Large capacity: 1000 people and their resources for a period of 12 months.



You must stay on land; underwater and space environments are not allowed.


You can use any 3D software to create your scene but your images must be created with Twinmotion.
Regarding external views, if you want to insert photographs in the project make sure that at least 2/3 of the final image must be rendered in Twinmotion.

Twinmotion being a real time rendering engine, you should make sure to have a workflow and logic designing models and textures suitable for real-time constraints.

Jury’s notation grid

The originality in the integration of architecture in the host site. / 25%
The quality of the proposed architecture. / 25%
Overall quality of external images (detail, light, frame, realism). / 25%
Overall quality of inside images (detail, light, frame, realism). / 25%


Here is the list of renders to be submitted:
– 3 outside renders in daylight,
– 2 outside renders at night
– 3 inside renders in daylight,
– 2 inside renders at night.

The resolution of your renders should not exceed 1920 * 1920 and must be in jpeg 100% quality.
No mention of names, titles, logo or graphic elements should be applied to the renders.

You have just to send your images at preferably in compressed format (.zip or .rar].


For this first contest, we’ve assembled five architectural professionals from various backgrounds in order to reach an impartial and balanced judgment.

Ronen Bekerman

Ronen Bekerman has more than 7 years of professional experience in the architectural visualization and digital design fields, working with major architecture firms and real estate companies. He’s currently heading Polytown, an Architectural Visualization Studio founded in 2005. The studio produces marketing materials for real estate, and also provides 3d modeling and consulting for architecture firms.

Zoran Gorski

Zoran ‘Kizo’ Gorski is a seasoned CINEMA 4D user and is well-known in the 3D community. Kizo is one of the founders of Arscom Studio (Croatia), which is made up of a team of four that specialize in architectural visualizations and web development. Their portfolio consists of a considerable number of tourism projects such as hotels, apartments, residential complexes, country estates and even a football stadium.

Jeff Mottle

Jeff Mottle is the CEO and owner of the leading online magazine for the architectural computer graphics industry – CGarchitect. He has over 14 years of experience in the architecture industry, 11 of which have been directly related to the architectural 3D computer graphics and design visualization industry. His roles have ranged from production visualization artist and technical director to business development and CEO.
He specializes in online publishing, industry and market research, marketing & PR, event management/coordination, project management and new product development.

Raphaël Pierrat

Raphael Pierrat is an architect and professor at ESA (Special School of Architecture) in Paris, he has worked with Gaetano Pesce, Bernard Cache and Mark Goulthorpe.
Since, he created his company KA-RA (Kinetics Arts & Research in Architecture) where he works to highlight the advantages of real-time in design with agencies such as Atelier Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid Office, Claude Vasconi or Aéroports de Paris.
It is within KA-RA that was born his 3D real-time design software Twinmotion, as a synthesis of all these years of collaboration with the world of architecture.

Pierre Roscelli

Architect and IT Manager of the Renzo Piano in Paris since 2002, Pierre Roscelli has worked on prestigious projects such as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris or New York Times Building, and is currently involved in the design of the “Shard London Bridge”.


A special jury prize will be offered as a reward to the author of the renders the jury will agree to say that are remarkable.

Winning projects candidates will be published with interviews on websites like CG Architect, Ronen Bekerman and 3DVF (website and blogs) and AEC Magazine (magazine).


1 - The Twinmotion contest is open to any artist and architect, whatever their nationality.

2 - The draft submitted to the competition must be a personal work of the participant, group work is not allowed.

3 - Only one entry per entrant is allowed.

4 - The project must be an original creation. Copies, forgeries and alterations of existing projects are not accepted. The company KA-RA cannot be held responsible for submissions to the competition. The entrant who submitted a project is solely responsible for its work.

5 -  All ideas, concepts, models must be made specifically for this contest.

6 – At any time, jury and members of the Twinmotion team can ask for details and evidence proving that a participant is the author of the submitted project. In case of refusal (screenshots, files, etc. …), Twinmotion team reserves the right to permanently disqualify from the competition.

7 – The Twinmotion team reserves the right to refuse any project that has been considered off-topic or with content considered inappropriate. The contestant will be notified by e-mail.

8 – The Twinmotion team reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has not respected the rules of the competition.

9 - The Twinmotion team reserves the right to extend or modify any part of the rules, prizes or deadlines.

10 – The jury’s decisions are final and no contestation is possible.

11  - Each participant must submit his full name, a valid email address, nationality and the configuration of his machine and softwares used for their project.

12  - To be eligible for the prize, winners agree to provide a making-of for their work and an interview.

13 – Every winner is eligible to his prize as long as it provides KA-RA a valid address.

14 – Our partners are responsible for sending prizes to winners. KA-RA cannot be held responsible in case of withdrawal of a partner and can provide a substitute for the prize. All transfer fees must be paid by the prize winners.

15 – All work (artwork, sketches, photographs, renderings, etc …) submitted during the Twinmotion contest remain the intellectual property of the author.

16 – No late entries will be accepted.

17 - By submitting a project to this contest, you give permission to KA-RA and its partners to publish your final project and use it to promote the contest and promotional purposes. The project remains the property of the author, but he will not be able to demand financial compensation for the use of his image for promotional purposes.

18  - The final bid must be addressed on the final day of the contest before midnight, by e-mail and signed with your full name. No images will be accepted after the expiration date at midnight.

19 – When registering, a post should be created in the WIP forum (Work in Progress) of the “Contest” part of the official forum of Twinmotion ( This post will evolve throughout the project. It will show the different phases of design, while ensuring that you are the author of the project.
The first part of the post must be formatted according to the way described in the post “How to participate?” at the top of the W.I.P forum.

20 – The shareholders and the Twinmotion team cannot take part in the contest.

21 – All registration data will be used only to determine the winners and to send them the prizes. All data collected, except for names and e-mail (if you choose to disclose it) participants will be kept private.


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